Accessibility Statement

Use of Accessibility Toolbar

We use the UserWay accessibility widget. So if you have a UserWay account, you can load your settings on this website to have a look at it the way you feel comfortable. For those who don’t have a UserWay account, you can adjust the Accessibility settings as per your needs through the toolbar that can be expanded by clicking the button at beginning of page (for screen reader users) and visually placed on right-center of screen (for low-vision users).

You will be able to set following parameters from the UserWay Accessibility toolbar:

  • Enhanced Keyboard Navigation
  • Big Cursor
  • Contrast
  • Text Size
  • Color Desaturation
  • Highlight links
  • Legible Fonts
  • Voice reading of page
  • Access Accessibility Statement on this website (this page itself).

Additional efforts taken for ensuring Accessibility

We have also ensured the following things for better Accessibility experience:

  • Keyboard users can skip to content using the skip link available at the top of the page.
  • Mobile device and smart phone users can use the Go to top button at bottom of the page to scroll back to top of the page.
  • Every page’s content begins with heading level 1 so that screen reader users can use their quick navigation keystrokes to find the content quickly.
  • Heading structure on every page has been maintained in proper hierarchical order to assist user agents in comprehending the document structure.
  • Forms used in this website have proper labels associated with controls so that screen reader users don’t feel lost while filling up forms.
  • The default text size and contrast have been maintained such that low-vision and color-blind users don’t face challenge accessing the information presented on the website.

Conformance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA

We have ensured that we comply with WCAG 2.0 Levvel AA compliance all across our website. Still if you feel any concerns regarding website’s accessibility do let us know through our Contact page or send us an email on and we will ensure that it becomes completely Accessible.
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