Client Testimonials


Founder, Eye-D

Eye-D has been working with TekVision for a couple of years now. We are making a product together and they have also assisted us in testing accessibility of our website and apps. I rate their expertise and level of support to international standards.

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Shyam Shah

CEO & Co-founder, INNOVISION

It was great to work with TekVision team & availing their Accessibility Consulting services. Entire project was carried out timely and professionally. The accessibility report was comprehensive and clear.


Bala Ayalur

CTO, LeanApps

LeanApps Team got inspired after Accessibility Session.
It was a pleasure to have you guys in our office. It was a great experience for the entire team and it gave them a completely new perspective. We had a good insight into the great work that you do and we would definitely like to work with you closely and collaborate with you in the future.




With TekVision’s help, GLT Test team could find real-time issues of web accessibility and gave valuable end user feedback and suggestions.
Three testers from TekVision carried out testing using Jaws and identified some critical defects which couldn’t have been identified by testers easily. This also helped in re-phrasing alert messages to be more user-friendly.
Their guidance in understanding the WCAG guidelines more precisely helped GLT Development and Testing teams prioritizing the bug/issue fixing.


Mukund Wangikar

Practice Head – Quality Assurance, Xpanxion International

The Accessibility training for both DEV & QA community was very inspirational, energizing. Gyani and Siddhant were phenomenal trainers and I think at one point I even asked them if I could borrow their brains to do a quick download. They are unique combination of technology and ADA expertise.

Curt Holst

VP IT Accessibility, Barclays

TekVision displays a passion and deep knowledge of accessibility for those with vision impairments based on having staff with vision impairments who experience difficulties with inaccessible systems on a daily basis.


Elizabeth Chesters

UX consultant

I had the privilege of working with TekVision during my internship in England, and fortunate enough to continue my work with them during my travels to Pune as well. Everyone was so friendly and inviting. They provided real and heartfelt insight into accessibility.


Certificate of Appreciation
In grateful recognition of your continuing service and support, we hereby present TekVision with this certificate of appreciation for an outstanding job completed.

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